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About Us

The Vision

We believe in creating hybrid solutions to help drive sustainable web3 economies. Real-world business services and partnerships serve as conduits to bridge gaps to the on-chain world., and the GaliaMeta DAC do not provide or partake in digital asset custody as an entity, nor do we dispense financial advice of any sort. Our curated web3 tools and business services are offered for independent use through business and project partnerships.

Our services

We provide on-demand printing of metaverse art and photography. Our focus is to produce the highest quality wall art possible for our global and intergalactic customers. We operate as an officially licensed Star Atlas merchandise store at, with global shipping facilities in Champlain, NY, USA and Montreal, Canada. We also provide tools for Star Atlas photographers to sell their images through free independently branded galleries, with no commissions or royalties. LEARN MORE

We’re always seeking real-world businesses and web3 projects with powerful tools for freedom. Creating value through serving DACs, individuals, creators, and builders in our ecosystem is our mission.


The GaliaMeta DAC (decentralized autonomous corporation) is available for members to join as we look forward to the development powerful on-chain utility to leverage our creative passions. JOIN NOW