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Photography Reimagined

A world without borders, to build, learn, and grow with galactic collaboration



Bringing power to the people

Artist info

Discover the people behind the greatest images in the Galia expanse

Sell your photography

Earn with your passion and creativity, commission and royalty free

Print your own

Immortalize your images on posters, canvas, acrylic, and other high quality print formats

GaliaMeta Roadmap

We’re building a community of creators: launch your free gallery

Bridging the gap between worlds with on-chain utility: join our DAC

Build Galia infrastructure with full time SAGE operations

Complete Phoenix bus / mobile fleet command and irl events/meetups

Distribute quality art across the galaxy and world via CSS Real Estate

Our Team

Falkor (Sogmian)- Legion 1 Lieutenant, ROME Guild / Galia Meta fleet commander
Rainbow/Tufa, exploration, security, metaverse photographer & Galia Meta CEO
Atreyu (Ustur)- BYOS/Busan, salvage, supply chain, crafting
Head of Galia Meta Tigu Breeding Division
Bastian (Punaab)- Pearce/Calico, rescue, repair, refuel and recreation
Tigu wholesale/retail sales and veterinary services
The Empress (Sogmian)- Gallery Coordinator & Metaverse Realtor
PFPs by Iris Supplies

Reach out

Questions, collab ideas… we’d love to hear from you.

Thank you for visiting! We hope to see you among the stars, as we build our shared dreams across the Galia Expanse.

-Falkor, Atreyu, and Bastian