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“There is nothing more powerful than an idea whose time has come.” – Victor Hugo

Digital Society Unleashed

The Star Atlas phenomenon is beginning to spread across the MUD territory known as Earth in a situation not unlike the gold rush of lore we know as the first data block brought back from the cataclysm. The galaxy is ripe for expansion by those who see the value and endless potential enabled by disruptive new tech, the onset of which can only be described as mysterious Photoli forces acting through those known as “the team”.

These pages are a guide and chronicle of the massive endeavor to build a new kind of world and economy. The group of intrepid pioneers who have committed their lives to sewing the multigenerational seeds of prosperity and freedom will go down in history as legends of Star Atlas. The greatest hope of is that the growth of our community evolves into the shared dream of a limitless digital society.

The Power of Player Profiles

We all know that feeling you get when you take custody of your first digital assets. The power in realizing true ownership is profound, and the steps we’re currently taking as a community could be even more so. Being your own bank through decentralized ledger technology is the first step to complete sovereignty as individuals. Taking back our identities from being sold on the open market in a web2 world is what these next steps are all about.

Now is a time to step into our power with tools for limitless value creation, all based on our own stories as we build our on-chain brand/identities. How does one prosper in a world without limits? We are not equipped to think or operate exponentially, so we must leverage the power of our community to build exponential business models to capitalize in a new virtual economy.

The Guilds of Star Atlas

At the front lines of expansion into Galia and the world are the Star Atlas guilds. The strength to be drawn from our fellow guild mates appears to be as limitless as our dreams. We have the potential to achieve amazing thing with player sub-DACs under collective guild entities. There have been many challenges in the first two years of our community, but many more triumphs have paved the way to seemingly impossible milestones and breakthroughs yet to come. Let us focus on the momentum of progress and innovation, as we become stronger together than we ever thought possible.

We’ve lost many along the way. Honoring them in song has become a weekly tradition on Sundays for the nomads of our metaverse and their Roman hosts. We’ll surely be singing the song for ourselves, with massive transition on the horizon. The easy days of SCORE clicking will soon give way to the grand strategy and hard core building we all came for.