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Real Estate

Stake your claim on the Galia frontier

Galia is the vast galaxy that the Star Atlas ecosystem calls home. The rich history and diversity it holds can be found at the official Star Atlas lore wiki, starting with The Known Story. Humans can find it difficult to fathom the cosmic scale of opportunities it holds, which is why the real estate division was founded.

There are many political, economic, and military factors to consider when entering the Star Atlas real estate market. is not here to dispense financial advice, but we do recognize the importance of education for aspiring and existing Star Atlas citizens. We hope these resources are helpful on your journey of discovery and fulfillment in the Star Atlas universe.

The Hubs

We find ourselves at a complex crossroads as the three factions of MUD, ONI, and USTUR citizens prepare for collective expansion toward The Cataclysm, after over 100 years of rebuilding since the Convergence War. Each faction has a Central Space Station (CSS), which are the entry and exit points for all Star Atlas assets. These massive structures contain limited parcels with powerful utility as the central hubs for each faction. The listings for these parcels and their various components can be found at the Star Atlas Galactic Marketplace.

Assets & Infrastructure

The diversity of assets is evident when exploring marketplace, but where does it all come from? A surface-level view of the economy reveals 20 virtual commodities, which must be mined, refined and crafted through various means of production. Supply chain, defense, and all manner of Star Atlas career paths are a part of this, including Metaverse Photography. Those who wish to look deeper can red pill down the rabbit hole by reading various papers, visiting Star Atlas Discord, or by joining us within ROME (an ONI guild).

The dynamic flow of marketplace activity is fueled by guilds and individual players within Star Atlas. All of which is divided between the three factions, resulting in a complex social structure of intergalactic collaboration, politics, and rivalry. Understanding the social landscape, along with the underlying technology driving it is vital for the success of any aspiring land holder.

The base layer tech driving the Star Atlas economy is the Solana blockchain, which provides unmatched speed and scalability for the build-out of our virtual world. In addition to being the transaction layer for Star Atlas, Solana is also leveraged to secure the location of every asset within Galia. If something is crafted lightyears away, players must have the supply chain infrastructure to transport it back to CSS for sale. The huge success of the “Escape Velocity” on-chain movement test generated tens of millions of transactions for movement alone, which is only the first of eight layers to the SAGE economy. (Star Atlas Golden Era) SAGE Labs has since taken the community by storm, with star base building on the way in the next release!

The future of the economy looks bright, with Star Atlas transactions already accounting for double digit percentages of all Solana activity. The global network of players building through their unique contributions has been nothing short of mind boggling. Multiple levels of land ownership will be possible at various levels of the Star Atlas economy. looks forward to exploring mutually beneficial collaborations at all levels, starting with central space station activities within Galia and irl.

More than virtual

With the ONI CSS and other stations currently under construction, we’re gearing up to fill at least three virtual galleries upon completion. The virtual spaces will be in addition to our existing physical offices in Jacksonville, Florida, and our mobile off-grid platform known as the Phoenix.

The possibilities are endless in the realm of Star Atlas real estate. The Star Atlas team and developers have shared some amazing utility is on the way.

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Some of the many use cases for virtual real estate:

-Reach a global audience as a business, project, or individual

-Build community and attract customers through the magic of virtual presence

-Purchase outright, or offer fractional ownership with rewards limitless configuration to fit your needs

-Lease spaces for more flexibility, including events, tourism, education, and more

-Offer wholesale portals for metaverse creators and businesses to reach the outer world with their products/services

-Offer real-world services to the citizens of Galia at a global scale

-Engage in grand strategy gameplay to expand your empire

-Use as a portal to secure land deeper within Galia as a project or business (your own planet)

-Have a hand in building the Star Atlas economy through all of the above